never before hunted truffle in July always October

I always started in October ; when the perfume was at a peak and the uncinatum appeared ; the possibility began to of finding such a needle in the haystack of a landscape never knowingly hunted in the last 100 years.

Now all is changing under our foot.

Never before a truffle survey in July ; the late middle and its not just climate change its mixture of ingredients

- truffle orchards planted 13 years ago and longer now producing

-seperation of the winter uncinatum and the summer truffle

- the establishment of native hunting grounds

- being more confident working the dogs at a time of year when the ticks can be out in large numbers and hungry

I always began in October ; untill last year when I started in September and this year 2019 my first survey or hunt in July ever before. Not that I am surprised we have truffle in July . I have walked into them by accident  twice in a city park on the edge of a golf course 

The main reason for a jury hunt is a short visit too Italy and an orchard planted in Ravenna on the great clay and limestone alluvial flood plains ; 

The Italians have long since hunted the summer truffle in may. This season a poor harvest due to the dry start and then wet may.

The orchard was 15 years old roughly all oak and tight soil potententially compact alluviaL clay; as soon as the harvest complete in late June July they are cultivating the soil ready fro the next season right up to the trees.


- they are not expecting a winter truffle just early summer truffle

- without cultivation soil naturally compact producing small fruit

A large country diverse landscape allowing the separation of the aestivium and uncinatum

- any cultivation of ground for the uncinatum seems to be highly damaging to the mycelium


Ticks are a problem and keep me out of the native woods untill later on in the season but as we start to locate are hunting grounds these sites become more accessible  as they are understood and maintained


- also we now have a marked for England ’s truffle provincially grown and harvested 

Whats magical ; we know the summer  aestivum for an Italian is a Ford Fiesta to their Ferraie a magnum pico; so why are they hunting in may well its their passion for the hunt not the truffle and thats probably the hidden secrete for everyone “the hunt and the hunted "