Why the World lives

  • elderflower tree Thorns Farm

I have never felt so confident ; its bit like we are trying to light a fire and I know its going to burn.

Essentially we are going to make it  and survive as a mortal on planet earth; everything is in place  for us to learn new tricks. never will we stare so hard at trees and respect the soil; their sky beneath the earth crust. In one day it was held in Pagan Monmouthshire now jumped from church to our hands. The cry has gone out in the wood's  Every King and Queens have rallied horses to the the cause which is ours and the badgers our feet in their soul our mouths blustered with sorrow . These days have waited when Egyptian Kings went form death to London sitting rooms they now every night in the pathways of night keepers are reborn to a cheetah and panther world of tree tops and craggy mountain